Arbetar för en fredligare värld

Knuten pistol, staty utanför FN i New York

The Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society (SPAS)

The success story of our peace organisation is that of forming opinions together with other people, as well as influencing policymakers to make decisions in support of peace. We initiate debates and spread knowledge through seminars, articles, manifestations and letter-writing campaigns. We also support peace projects in different parts of the world and work together with international partners to achieve our goals.

Our major aims are to ease tensions, advocate peaceful conflict resolution, speed up disarmament, promote transformation of military resources into development and support democratisation. We believe that conflicts can be solved with peaceful means.

SPAS is the world’s oldest and Swedens largest peace organisation. It was formed in 1883 by the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Klas Pontus Arnoldson. The organisation is politically and religiously independent. SPAS is a non-profit organisation with approximately 7000 individual members.

Publicerad 2011-10-25